Vegetable Book for Toddlers: We Are the Vegetables

21 Vegetables Introduce Themselves and Tell Interesting Facts

Price: $10,99

Discover the World of Veggies – 21 Vegetables Introduce Themselves

This picture book takes young readers on a fascinating voyage through the world of veggies. Each vegetable comes alive with vivid pictures and is accompanied by information about colors, vitamins, flavors, and more. Each veggie tells something about itself, including some astonishing facts. In a fun and educational way, this book invites children to interact with 21 different vegetables. It’s more than simply a book – it’s a call to try new things in the kitchen. In this way, you can support your child’s interest in adopting healthy eating habits.

  • Interesting information and facts about 21 vegetables
  • Beautifully illustrated in cute watercolor style and vivid colors
  • Encourages trying new flavors and foods
  • Size: 8,25″ x 8,25″ (square format), paperback
  • A perfect gift idea for children
  • Suitable from 4 years

🡆 Also available as Kindle e-book (free with Kindle Unlimited)