Thai Alphabet for Toddlers (Bilingual) พยัญชนะไทย ก-ฮ

หนังสือพยัญชนะไทย, หนังสือเรียน ก ไก่

Price: $9.99

This lovely Thai alphabet book is designed for bilingual toddlers aged 3 and above, offering a delightful journey through the Thai alphabet. With cute illustrations, each of the 44 Thai consonants is accompanied by its English counterpart, making language learning a joyful experience for your little ones.

  • Introduces the Thai alphabet to toddlers
  • Every Thai letter of the Thai alphabet is represented (44 consonants)
  • Including an English translation for each Thai consonant name
  • Adorable illustrations bring each of the 44 Thai consonants to life
  • Ideal for children growing up bilingually and a perfect gift idea
  • Size: 8,5″ x 8,5″ (square format), paperback

🡆 Also available as a printable poster on Etsy